Acoustic design by Mischa Jacobi

Sound is one of the very essences of life. Sound was there long before mankind came into existence. Sound is so much more than air in motion. It is emotion. When it reaches the ears, enters the head and touches the heart. The sound of thunder, the whispering wind, the ocean, a forest, birds, human voices, music… Sounds come and go in endless varieties.

My name is Mischa Jacobi. I am an architectural and electro-acoustic designer. I truly love what I do. It all started out when I was eleven years old. I took two small loudspeakers and put them on either side of my cushion. Lying down I experienced an intensity of sound and music that I never had before. I was completely taken away and I dissolved. One word summarises it all: wow! This juvenile experience is still at the heart of what I do. To me, a sound studio is a tool to bring about an ultimate sound intensity and experience with an undistorted, full frequency spectrum. To achieve that I design loudspeakers and acoustics as one integrated system. So what you hear is what you really get. This has many advantages. It stimulates, enhances and speeds up the whole creative process. This leads to optimal creative results that require significantly less time to achieve.

Designing is a beautiful, intense and detailed process. A good design embraces your ambitions and personal preferences. Where passion and involvement, targeted mathematics, aesthetics, functional design, exquisite technique, climate control and a weighed choice of materials, loudspeakers and lighting all blend and synergize into the design of a tailor-made, personal acoustic kingdom. A studio is a room to which the artist really consigns himself and that is an important source of inspiration. The studio design and technology are, above all, servants. Servants to creativity and craftsmanship.

The sphere desk is the result of many years of designing and building studio’s. It was always frustrating for me that my main design needs a jacket. First you need to insulate the studio for sound transmission. You need fresh air and airconditioning. Heavy doors etc. The sphere is going to be a game changer. The first portable full spec studio.

It is very tempting to drop a few famous names for whom we work. We will not do that but believe us, you know who they are. We are famous among a select group of connoisseurs. Triggered? Do you want to know more? Meet up and grab a coffee or a dram together? Just let us know and send us an e-mail to get the party started! There are truly great things to discover…

Best, Mischa Jacobi